Dr. Brian Arslanian

Atlanta's Breast and Body Plastic Surgeon

  • No Scar on the Breast Augmentation
  • Mentored with America's Top Surgeons
  • Trained at Harvard and Emory Universities
  • 5-Star RealSelf Patient Rated
  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Specializes in Natural Looking Results

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Get to know more about Dr. Arslanian

Award Winning and 5-Star Rated Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brian Arslanian is a board certified plastic surgeon that trained at Harvard and Emory Universities. As the Medical Director of BECA-Atlanta, Dr. Arslanian uses his skills and artistic abilities to achieve natural looking results with an attention to detail.

Surgical Training

Dr. Arslanian is no stranger to hard-work, dedicating 8 years to train at some of the most rigorous programs in the country. This ethos was engrained from a young age after being raised by working class immigrants, and being the first one to graduate from college and then medical school ultimately completing his surgical training at some of the most prestigious Universities in the country, Harvard and Emory.

Procedures Provided

Dr. Arslanian prides himself on his reconstructive skills and has used his skills in complex reconstructive surgeries to enhances his Aesthetic talents. Dr. Arslanian specializes in breast enhancement using implants, lifting and shaping techniques, and even using your own fat to build the most natural looking enhanced breasts you can imagine. He also likes to focus on body contouring, with an emphasis on sculpting the curves and shapes every woman is looking for. That might be that post-partum tummy tuck, getting rid of that extra fat around the love handles with some liposuction, or adding a little more to the backside.

While training in the Harvard system, Dr. Arslanian learned that to advance you must evolve and innovate. He believes in utilizing the latest techniques available in plastic surgery to enhance and improve on his current results. Things like Brazilian butt lifts, vaginal rejuvenation, and composite breast augmentation (combining fat and implants) are quickly becoming very popular and Dr. Arslanian is up to date on the latest trends, technologies, and techniques.

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