The term “facelift” is a very generic term and people often think a facelift will fix the entire face. The term facelift only applies to the lower third of the face and neck. The old style Nip and Tuck face lifts where focused on pulling the skin tight which left the patient with a very “tight” or “pulled” look as that is exactly what was done, the skin was pulled tight.

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We now understand that the aging process in the face is far more complicated than just the skin becoming lax. In reality, the underlying issue is structural in that the muscles, ligaments and fat pads of the face began to lose their elasticity and droop or fall. The skin is very dynamic and just follows the support structures down as they fall.

SO the key to a natural refreshed look without being pulled is to tighten the support structures of the face and then very gently lay the skin back down over the muscles and ligaments that have been tightened up. This allows us to achieve a very natural look without looking pulled!