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BECA provides concierge level of care by elite board-certified plastic surgeons. With precision surgical technique as well as a heightened sense of the aesthetic, the surgeons of BECA elevate the appearance of each patient, with beautiful results that are dramatic enough to be noticed, yet subtle enough to look natural.

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Who Are Our Clientele?

The women and men that come through our doors are people just like you, who want to transform their appearance and their lives by enhancing their appearance.

Want to Experience the “BECA Touch” in Beverly Hills?

If you are in the Beverly Hills / Los Angeles area and you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be the perfect candidate for one of the procedures we offer at our local BECA Center:

  • Do you wish you had fuller, perkier breasts?
  • Are you a new mother who wants her hot, pre-baby body back?
  • Do you go to the gym regularly and eat right, but still have bulges of fat?
  • Are you a man wanting to get rid of “man boobs” or a “spare tire”?
  • Do you want relief from oversized, heavy breasts?
  • Do you want breast implant problems fixed quickly — and for good?
  • Are you adamant about finding the most reputable and experienced, board-certified surgeons you can find to perform your procedure?
  • Are you looking for a surgeon with an artistic eye, who can deliver results that are both beautiful and subtle enough to look natural?

Discover why people travel from around the world to be treated at BECA. Call (561) 270-4867 or click here to book a consultation. The surgeons are available for in-office and online consultations.