As we get older the brow descends and gives the brow a heavy tired look. Several decades ago, brow lifts were performed by making a large incision across the forehead and pulling the brow up very tight which gave the patient a “pulled” surprised look. Often times the center part of the brow was too high contributing to the unnatural look of the old brow lifts.

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With the advent of better technology and tiny cameras, Dr Ennis is not able to perform a brow lift endoscopically through four tiny incisions back in the hair line that allow him to raise the brow back to a more youthful location leaving a very natural refreshed result without the look of being tired or surprised.
Think of the analogy of a curtain rod and a drape. If the curtain rod is lowered half way down the window, the drapes will puddle at the bottom of the window. This is much like what happens when the brow descends which can lead to the appearance of heavy upper lids and the appearance of excess skin in the upper lids. The vast majority of women and some men need the brow raised back up or in essence the curtain rod raised back to the top of the window. This is what a brow lift will do. It resets the position of the brow back to its correct place lifting the brow and correcting the heaviness in the upper lids.