Experience the BECA Munich

The BECA Difference in Munich, Germany

To be unforgettable, you must be amazing.

At BECA, we have sought out the world’s best surgeons from all disciplines, surgeons who have proven themselves as masters in their field of surgery and brought them together into one company to truly showcase their talents. We have brought these surgeons together under one organization have tought them the intricacies and art of performing world class breast enhancement surgeries. Bringing these master surgeons together they have been able to work and refine the subtle techniques of not only breast surgery but all aspects of plastic surgery including abdominoplasties, liposuction, labiaplasties and many other highly technical procedures.

Rumors of the rich and famous, super models, actresses and world leaders being seen at BECA frequently circulate in the community. These thought leaders seek out the services of BECA surgeons because of the amazing surgical talent that has been brought together from around the world into one organization.

BECA was founded by Dr L Scott Ennis with a single goal; to gather together some of the worlds most talented surgeons to offer procedures that they have perfected over the years. He is considered by many a master in the field of both breast and cosmetic surgery and recognizes the talents of these truly gifted surgeons in the field of plastic surgery.

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