Breast Lift Before and After

Actual patient photos.

BECA-L-Scott-Ennis-MD-31yo 5'3'' 125lb 34D Breast LiftMastopexy with implants
31yo 5'3'' 125lb 34D Breast Lift & ImpExc to Mentor M+ Saline R500 fill 580, L500 to 560
Dr L Scott Ennis 43yo 5'9'' 155lb 34C Breast Aug with Lift - Mentor HP gel R550 L500 (20160104141658278) 20160518070432127
Mastopexy Breast Lift with Augmentation 45yo, 5'4", 135lb - 18749
Mastopexy Breast Lift 47yo - 729752
50yo 5'6'' 157lb Lift with Augmentation Mentor ModPlus Gel R450 L500
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