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Gynecomastia in Miami

BECA Centers worldwide offer male breast reduction to remove excess skin on the male chest for a more sculpted, pleasing appearance.

A Sculpted Chest, by BECA

  • Wish you could take off your shirt on those balmy summer days, without feeling embarrassed by jiggly “man boobs”?
  • Do your buddies give you a hard time?
  • Or maybe you find it more difficult feeling sexy with your woman because you’re a little soft in the chest.

If you have enlarged breast tissue, or gynecomastia, you might feel self-conscious about having a chest that looks more feminine than chiseled. However, you’re not alone — in fact, more than a third of men experience enlarged breast tissue to one degree or another. And BECA can help you do something about it. Our surgeons have helped countless men — normal guys just like you — achieve a more manly-looking chest through male breast reduction surgery. We can give you the freedom to take your shirt off again with confidence!

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BECA: International Provider of Male Breast Reduction

BECA Centers around the world are internationally known for male plastic surgery. Using advanced surgical skills and the latest technologies in the industry, BECA surgeons have transformed the lives of thousands of male patients. These men come from all cultures and backgrounds, and have included athletes, businessmen, physicians, students, CEOs and construction workers in their number. Most of our patients are men just like you: normal guys who want to improve their self-confidence and feel more masculine.

What Causes Enlarged Male Breasts?

Excess male breast tissue, or gynecomastia, is a common problem for a lot of men. In fact, all men have some degree of breast tissue, and even those who work out regularly may be unable to get rid of it completely. Though the exact cause of excess breast tissue in males is unknown, several factors may play a role, such as hormonal changes, obesity and the use of certain medications and substances.

Is Male Breast Reduction Surgery Right for You?

Are you considering male breast reduction surgery, but not sure if it’s right for you? The best way to know for sure is by having a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. In your consultation, the surgeon can assess your medical history, give you a thorough examination and discuss your surgery options. In general, however, a man is considered a good candidate for male breast reduction if he:

  • Is in good health, with no serious medical conditions
  • Is embarrassed by excess breast tissue and skin
  • Is at or near a stable, healthy weight for his build
  • Has good skin elasticity

How Does Male Breast Reduction Work?

Male breast reduction typically takes one to two hours and is performed as an outpatient procedure. Depending on the amount of breast tissue and fat being removed, the procedure may involve a tiny amount of liposuction (by making a small incision in the chest and inserting a hollow tube to suction the fat out) or a small incision at the bottom of the nipple in order to remove excess breast tissue. Once the extra breast tissue is removed, the surgeon will tighten the remaining breast skin for a smoother chest contour.

What to Expect While Recovering

Immediately after surgery, some patients will have a small drain in each breast to remove excess fluid; these drains will be removed by the surgeon a day or two after surgery. There will be some swelling and bruising on the chest, which will gradually subside after two to three weeks. It is important to rest and limit activities as much as possible while recovering, and use the pain medication prescribed by your doctor to relieve any discomfort. Most patients can return to an office job a week after surgery, or a more physically demanding job after two weeks. Moderate exercise (though no chest or back exercises) can be resumed after two weeks, and more strenuous exercise (including weight lifting, chest and back exercises) can be resumed after four to six weeks. Sun exposure and tanning beds should be avoided for the first six weeks. To avoid darkening the incision scars, apply a sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 when the chest is exposed to the sun for the first six months after surgery.

Ready to Get Sculpted?

If you want to get rid of extra breast fat to achieve a more masculine-looking chest, let us help you to get to your goal! You are just one phone call away from your first step: a consultation with one of our BECA surgeons who has years of experience helping men just like you to feel better about their appearance. Call (561) 270-4867 or click here to book a consultation. The surgeons are available for in-office and online consultations.