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Pick Your Size, Shape & Position BEFORE Surgery!

VECTRA 3D enables your surgeon to simulate contouring of the waist, hips, breast and face using a few clicks of a mouse. Your breast consultation becomes a real conversation about size, shape, projection and look that you can actually see! Book a 3D consultation.

We also offer virtual Skype consultations for out of town patients.

Breast Implant Actual Patients.

Patients travel from all over the world to experience the world-class patient care, safety and results provided by BECA surgeons. Dr. Ennis uses a small incision and high-definition cameras for precision placement of the implant, leading to a natural look with no scar on the breast.

beca-breast-augmentation-35yo 5'4' 125lbs B to a C Sientra Mod plus gel

Actual Patient 1

35yo 5’4” 125lb 34B Breast Augmentation with Silicone Gel implants. Size: Gel R485, L435
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Actual Patient 2

29yr old,  5’10” 145lbs 34A Breast Augmentation with Silicone Gel implants. Size: Gel R595, L545
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BECA-L-Scott-Ennis-MD-29yo 5'4'' 115lbs 34A Bil Breast Augmentation Sientra ModPlus Gel R440 L410

Actual Patient 3

29yo 5’4” 115lbs 34A Breast Augmentation with Silicone Gel implants. Size:R440 L410
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BECA Patient Testimonials

Meet the Surgeon, Dr. L. Scott Ennis.

Dr. L. Scott Ennis is known around the world to be an expert and master in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery and in correcting complications from previous surgeries. Dr. Ennis uses endoscopic minimal incisions during breast, body and facial surgery, allowing him to achieve dramatic results while minimizing visible scars.

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