Facial surgery has changed tremendously over the past few decades. Everyone remembers to old style face lift that looked pulled too tight! Prior to plastic surgeons understanding how the face ages, the thought was that if you pull the skin tight, everything will look better. Unfortunately this is not the case and if the skin is pulled tight, the result is just that…a very pulled look.

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Dr Ennis has spent much time studying facial anatomy and along with his art back ground is able to turn back the clock while maintaining a very natural look. The true problem as the face ages is that the face loses the structural support and the muscle, ligaments and fat pads get lax and become tired. This is the structural support of the face and as it gets lax, the skin follows it down. Facial aging is a structural problem not a skin problem. TO fix the aging face, you must re-support the face and the structural support. There should never be any tension on the skin. Once the muscles and ligaments of the face are tightened, the skin will come back up with it and look very natural and youthful without looking pulled. Dr Ennis understands this aging process and has mastered the techniques of re-supporting the muscles of the face to achieve a very natural result!