Breast Augmentation with Lift

Get Back the Breasts of Your Youth!

Are you embarrassed by breasts that are saggy and deflated-looking? Now you can have the added volume of breast implants along with a youthful lift in the combination breast augmentation and lift procedure. This procedure is ideal for women who not only want to lift their breasts to a higher position on their chest, but also want to add volume to their breasts through implants, giving them both a rounded and perky look. And since this is a combination of two procedures performed at once, there is no additional downtime — you get to enjoy the results of both procedures without the additional downtime of a second procedure!

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BECA Breast Augmentation with Lift Photos – Before & After

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35yo 5'4' 125lbs B to a C Sientra Mod plus gel R45, L435
BECA Breast Augmentation 29yr old,  5'10", 145lbs.
38yo 5'6'' 121lb 32A Breast Augmentation Mentor Smooth MPlus Gel L350 R375(20150507103540276) 20150909143611337
29yo 5'4'' 115lbs 34A Bil Breast Augmentation Sientra ModPlus Gel R440 L410
22yo  5'4'' 130lbs 34A Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Sientra ModPlus Gel R485 L485
22yo  4'10'' 80lbs Bilateral Breast Augmentation Sientra ModPlus Gel  R355 L355
28yo 5'6'' 140lbs 34B Bilateral Breast Augmentation Sientra HighProfile Gel R495 L465

Are you a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation with Lift

You may be a good candidate for breast augmentation with lift if you:

  • have sagging breasts due to pregnancies, genetics, weight loss or the effects of aging
  • have breast volume loss due to any of the above life factors
  • have pendulous, elongated or flat breasts
  • have nipples that fall below the breast fold and/or point downward
  • have one breast lower than the other
  • desire perkier, fuller breasts
  • tired of picking your breast up to put them in bra
  • Tired of struggling with a bathing suit that does not fit right or constantly repositioning your breast in a suit.

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The Two-in-One Breast Augmentation with Lift Procedure

The breast augmentation with lift combined procedure is an outpatient procedure that typically takes between two to four hours to complete. To ensure your maximum comfort, you will be placed under general anesthesia for the entire procedure. Anticipate being at the center for 6-8 hours that day. The surgery itself is very safe. The biggest risk is smoking, unfortunately we cannot perform a breast lift on someone who is actively smoking as the risk of problems is significant if you are smoking.

The surgeon will first make a breast lift incision, whether “donut-shaped” (around the outer edge of the areola), “lollipop-shaped” (around the areola and vertically down the front of the breast) or “anchor-shaped” (around the areola’s edge and vertically down the breast with a horizontal incision along the breast crease).

Types of Breast Lift Incisions

breast lift incisions

Excess breast tissue and skin that contribute to sagging will be removed, and the remaining breast tissue will be reshaped, after which breast implants will be placed, either under or over the chest muscle. (The choice of implant placement, as well as choice of saline, silicone or form-stable silicone implants, will be discussed in your initial consultation.) The incisions will then be closed with sutures. These sutures typically dissolve and do not need to be removed.

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Two Procedures, One Recovery: What to Expect

At the end of the procedure, the surgeon will place you in a soft surgical bra. You will need to have someone drive you home and stay with you for the next 48-72 hours. Your breasts will be sore and you will have some swelling and bruising near the surgical which will go away after the first few days. The doctor will prescribe pain medication to help you with any discomfort. Most women describe the pain much as if they had worked out really hard and their muscles are sore.

It is important to walk around as soon as the first day after surgery, in order to help with circulation to aid the healing process. Light movements are recommended, though you should refrain from lifting anything over 10lbs and refrain from exercise. You will be able to return to a sedentary job after five to seven days, and after 10-14 days for a more physically demanding job.

Your surgeon will also start you on a scar management program so that the scars from the breast lift portion of the procedures. The sacr will fade over time but keep in mind it takes up to a full year for it to fade and the final result is based on your individual skin type and scarring history. Regardless of your skin type, we will start you on a scar management program approximately two weeks after surgery.

The best part of the breast augmentation with lift recovery process is that you get the benefits of both procedures without having to go through the recovery process twice! Keep in mind, there are some increased risk to combining these procedures so discuss the procedure with your surgeon to make sure youa re a good candidate to combine these procedures.

Transform Your Breasts with BECA

If you’re unhappy with shrinking, deflated breasts that you’re sick of trying to lift with uncomfortable push-up bras and other contraptions, schedule a consultation with one of our talented breast surgeons. The surgeons of BECA have years of experience with all types of breast surgeries — including breast augmentation with lift. See for yourself the difference that one procedure — one that lifts your breasts while making them larger — can have on your feminine physique.

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BECA: The Breast Surgery Choice of Women around the World

The plastic surgeons of BECA are internationally known as some of the world’s most experienced surgeons. They have earned this reputation by honing their surgical techniques so that they enhance the natural appeal of each individual woman, elevating her unique beauty through breast augmentationbreast lift and other breast enhancement surgeries. It’s no wonder that women from all walks of life — students, businesswomen, mothers, actresses, supermodels and all in between — have sought out the care of BECA surgeons to craft the breasts of their dreams.