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Natural Breast Augmentation. Smaller implants for a natural look.

Changes in the fashion industry may be impacted by fewer women opting for breast augmentation. According to Yahoo!, Victoria’s Secret is dedicating resources to designing bralettes rather than traditional bras. The reasoning? Younger women are breaking away from trying to achieve the “bombshell look” that Victoria’s Secret and other similar chains have built their brand. Instead, they want to maintain a natural look that can be accentuated by the simple design of the bralette.

What does this mean for the plastic surgery industry? In the past three years, there has been a steady decline in breast augmentations. However, it is important for potential patients to understand that when it comes to enlargement, a natural look is still very much achievable. Size is certainly a concern when it comes to selecting the appropriate implant. For many women, they want to have a larger bust, but don’t want to sacrifice a natural look. Fortunately, breast implants have come a long was as far as texture, shape, and sizing options. Let’s talk about a few tips for ensuring that your breast augmentation still looks natural.


It is certainly the patient’s choice when it comes to size. When you consider the appropriate size of your body, think about your bone structure and your natural breast size. For example, if you have an A cup breast, you will probably want to avoid going up more than two sizes. Doing so will make your appearance look drastically different. Likewise, the existing tissue will also play a role in how big you should go. Making your breast too large will pull the tissue very tight and give a very unnatural appearance.


Some surgeons agree that placing the breast behind the tissue offer a much more natural look even in thinner women. However, other doctors indicate behind the muscle is the better solution for a long-term natural appearance. In the end, various factors about the patient and the technique of the surgeon will ultimately decide this aspect of the surgery.


Saline and silicone are both widely used in augmentation. They each have their perks when it comes to durability and naturalness. Generally, silicone is firmer, but some surgeons indicate that they hold up better over time. Saline is softer but is more likely to ripple with age.


The shape can certainly play a huge role in the results of a breast augmentation. The high, rounded appearance is certainly youthful, and many patients desire that look. However, the teardrop shape coincides with the natural look of a natural breast.


Each patient should be aware that they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to their final appearance following breast augmentation. The most important factor is size. It’s important, to be honest with your surgeon about your desired results and he/she will be able to help walk you through the process of choosing the other factors such as type, placement, and shape. Breast augmentation can look incredibly natural and flattering. So much of the result comes down to effective communication.

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