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Nipple size can vary from person to person and can certainly be an issue for some people. It can impact self-esteem, social interactions or even clothing options. Nipple reduction surgery is a simple procedure that decreases the size of the nipple. Because enlarged nipples can affect both sexes, men and women can each benefit from the surgery. For many people, enlarged nipples can be the source of insecurity and cause issues with intimacy. However, nipple reduction surgery offers a solution and peace of mind. The problem may seem incredible, but the solution is attainable and quite simple.

What Causes Enlarged Nipples?

Everyone is unique and individual, sometimes as individuals we may be born with large nipples. However, in some instances, men and women can both see growth in the nipples during the body’s natural reaction to puberty. Women often see changes in the breast during pregnancy and after breastfeeding. Sometimes those changes go away afterward, but not always. Men may experience breast growth (gynecomastia) which causes the nipples to grow and take on a more feminine appearance. No matter the underlying cause for enlarged nipples, individuals are usually more concerned with how to repair the issue. Fortunately, there is a solution to put your mind at ease.

Who is a Good Candidate for Nipple Reduction Surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, individuals should meet basic criteria. Some things to consider are:

  1. Men or women with one or both nipples enlarged
  2. Healthy, non-smokers
  3. Individuals with realistic expectations

It’s important to understand that the procedure differs slightly for men and women and patients should take the time to understand the entire procedure. Men and women usually have different goals when it comes to nipple size and shape and that is largely what separates the procedures.

What is the difference in Nipple reduction and Nipple shortening versus an areola reduction?

The areola is the pink or colored part around the nipple itself. This is often reduced as part of a breast lift or breast reduction procedure. This will making often leave a circular scar around the outside of the areola.

A nipple reduction will reduce the diameter of the nipple itself making the overall size or circumference of the nipple smaller. This is often combined with a nipple shortening which shortens the actual length of the nipple. Often times after pregnancies and breastfeeding, the nipple itself becomes enlarged and lengthens leaving a more matronly appearance to the nipples. A nipple shortening and/or reduction can reduce the size and length of the nipple giving it a more youthful appearance. This leaves an almost invisible scar around the base of the nipple.

Nipple Reduction for Women

For many women, nipple reduction is done in conjunction with another procedure such as a breast reduction, breast lift, or breast enhancement. Usually, women want to complete the look of their new breasts by decreasing the appearance of the nipple to compliment the new size or appearance. This is certainly an option. Nipple reduction can offer a more even appearance and even offer women diverse clothing options while providing women with the peace of mind and confidence they deserve.

First, the patient and the surgeon must determine the issue with the size of the nipple. The problem is usually the width, length, or both. Once that is established, various techniques may be used to achieve the desired look. A local anesthetic will be applied, and the nipple will remain intact during the operation. Only the excess skin will be removed. Whether the focus is on the length or the width (or both), the incision is made at the base of the nipple. This is the ideal location as scarring will be almost invisible. In fact, if the patient is coupling the nipple reduction with breast augmentation, the implant may be able to be put through the nipple incision.

If you know that you would like to have another operation done to your breasts (enlargement, reduction, or lift) then consider completing nipple reduction at the same time. It does not increase recovery time, and it will go a step further in giving your breasts finished look.

Recovery for Women

Nipple reduction is not considered an invasive surgery. It can be completed in-office and typical recovery is achieved in a matter of days. Of course, it is important to protect the nipple for two the four weeks to promote faster recovery and quicker healing.

Nipple Reduction for Men

While there are many similarities when it comes to nipple reduction for men, it is somewhat different. Men usually want to achieve the smallest nipple as that is considered more masculine. Methods allow the nipple to be drastically reduced in size and the small sutures will make it virtually impossible to tell that surgery was ever performed. Careful attention is given to the removal of the excess tissue, and it’s possible to customize the look based on the patient’s preferences. Like the female nipple reduction, the procedure can be done in-office under local anesthesia and leaves an almost invisible scar around the base of the nipple.

Recovery for Men

Recovery time is similar. In a matter of days, recovery will be nearly complete. As with the female nipple reduction, care should be given to protect the nipples during the healing process. Many patients report little to no pain during the recovery process.

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If you are interested in your options for nipple reduction, reach out to a knowledgeable plastic surgeon that can help you come up with a customized plan. Your body should be a source of happiness and pride, and if yours is holding you back in any way, you should take steps to find a solution. Everybody deserves to live a happy life without insecurity. Contact a plastic surgeon today to discuss the options for becoming a happier and healthier you.

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