Breast Reduction in Atlanta

Do your back, neck, and shoulders hurt on a consistent basis? Are you having trouble finding clothes that fit your body due to your large breasts? Do your breasts make it difficult for you to participate in sports or exercise? If any of these situations sounds familiar, our BECA Center surgeons can help.

A natural breast has no muscle or bone support to it so the weight of the breast constantly pulls on the skin, neck, back and shoulders, often causing significant pain and deep groves in the shoulders. Discover why so many women trust in us to relieve their discomfort, increase their self-esteem and improve their quality of life — through breast reduction.

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Actual Patient Before and After Photos

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BECA-L-Scott-Ennis-MD-31yo 5'3'' 125lb 34D Breast LiftMastopexy with implants
43yo 5'5'' 152lbs 36C Bilateral Mastopexy
47 yo 5'8' 125 lbs secondary mastopexy
47yo 5'2'' 133lb 34DD secondary mastopexy Open ImpExc to Mentor HP Gel R550 L500
55yo 5'1'' 156lbs 38DD Bilateral Mastopexy with Abdominoplasty
55yo 5'1'' 156lbs 38DD Bilateral Mastopexy with Abdominoplasty
32 yo 5'3' secondary Mastopexy, Abdonioplasty, lipo of hips and back Mommy makeover
32 yo 5'3' secondary Mastopexy, Abdonioplasty, lipo of hips and back Mommy Makeover

What Can Breast Reduction Do?

Breast reduction is one of the most transformative procedures in all of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Breasts volume can vary significantly from woman to woman. Some women have very large breast glands that lead to unpleasant symptoms, including breast, neck shoulder and back pain, the appearance of grooves from shoulder straps due to extreme bra tension, rashes and infections underneath the breast, and even numbness in the hands.

The good news is, by reducing the volume of the breasts, or in essence the weight, many women can improve on nature and experience relief from the side effects of having large breasts. Studies have shown that breast reduction can result in significant improvement of symptoms, even in as little as a few days.

The surgeons of BECA have several techniques to choose from when performing breast reduction. The most commonly used technique involves an incision around the nipple and down to the underside of the breast, and along the bottom of the breast in order to excise excess breast gland and skin.

Breast reduction is often performed in combination with a breast lift, for a youthful, perky appearance. By reducing the volume and weight and tightening the skin of the breasts as done in a breast lift, not only do your breasts look and feel better, but clothes, bras, and bathing suits all fit much better!

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Breast Reduction Recovery

Breast reduction is a complex procedure and cannot be performed on anyone who is actively smoking. Breast reduction patients must wear a support bra for around four to six weeks. Pain medications will be prescribed and are often taken for a week or so following surgery.

As the healing process continues, you will be weaned off the pain medication and can take ibuprofen or naproxen, and you will be able to engage in your everyday activities. Approximately two weeks after surgery, we will start you on a scar management program to help your scars fade quicker.

Remember, it takes a full year for a scar to fade. The photos seen on our website are typically taken about three months after surgery when the scars are at their worst or most pink in the healing phase. These should fade to a faint scar over the course of a year. Depending on your skin type and history of scarring, we have different programs to help manage your scars in an effort to achieve the best possible result.

The world-renowned breast reduction specialists of BECA Centers are experienced, devoted experts who are committed to remaining at the forefront of technological innovations in breast surgery and other aesthetic procedures. Each year, they perform hundreds of breast procedures, including breast reductions, on women from all over the United States as well as Europe, South America and beyond.

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Anyone with overly large breasts can benefit from the life-changing results of breast reduction surgery. From movie stars and professional athletes to business professionals and stay-at-home moms, we treat the full spectrum of women suffering from the effects of heavy, pendulous breasts.

Women from all areas of Georgia and around the world travel to BECA Centers to take advantage of the renowned skills and world-class services of BECA’s breast reduction specialists. Should you be next?

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