Gynecomastia Surgery in Atlanta

Would you like to be able to stroll down the beach with confidence? Are you tired and self-conscious of your chest? Want to get rid of those “man boobs” once and for all? Come talk to us and be comfortable again with your shirt off!

If you have enlarged male breast tissue, or gynecomastia, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Gynecomastia is a very common condition. In fact, more than a third of men experience the condition to some degree.

The male plastic surgery specialists of BECA have years of experience transforming the chests of men just like you. This can sometimes be as simple as a small amount of liposuction and you are back on the beach feeling confident again!

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BECA Centers: Top International Destination for Male Breast Reduction

BECA Centers is a world renowned center for male plastic surgery. Men from all corners of the globe travel to benefit from the advanced skills or our surgeons. BECA has transformed the lives of thousands of male patients of all persuasions, from athletes and construction workers to politicians, businessmen and even fellow physicians. But most of our patients are men like you: normal guys who just want to feel more masculine and confident.

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How Does Male Breast Reduction Work?

All men have some degree of breast tissue. Even those who work out several times a week may be unable to get rid of extra breast tissue. If this sounds familiar, you may be able to benefit from male breast reduction performed by the male plastic surgery specialists at BECA.

Gynecomastia occurs when a man has an excessive amount of breast tissue or even just a little extra fat in the chest that can result in a distorted chest contour. Male breasts are made up of a combination of breast tissue and fat. Depending on your individual case, something as simple as a little liposuction may correct your concerns. If there is more breast tissue present, then a small incision may need to be made at the bottom of the nipple to remove this breast tissue along with the liposuction to get you an optimal result. Not everyone qualifies for this procedure, as patients with excess loose skin may still need to have it excised.

What’s more, this amazing procedure can be combined with other male plastic surgery procedures.

Gynecomastia Recovery

Following male breast reduction, some patients will have a small drain placed in each breast. This drain is typically removed a day or two after the surgery. Most patients have some degree of bruising and swelling. These are normal post-operative effects that will gradually subside.

It is very important that you limit activities during your recovery. We will provide you with instructions detailing what you can and cannot do in the days and weeks after your surgery.

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